Phone Remote Access

A Brief Introduction?

Controlling another person’s phone remotely is a breach of privacy, and should only be done if needed. But some people need it for security or work. Parents need it so they can observe their children’s phone activities. Professionals who handle several mobile phones need it to utilize their phones at the same time.

For most of us, our smartphones play a crucial role in our lives. From it, we are able to connect instantly with our friends and loved ones, make appointments, book a flight, make reservations and do a whole lot of things that was Impossible to do a couple of years ago. With the changing tides that herald the arrival of technology, it is now far easier for us to do more and be more- but it comes at a cost.


Cloak and Dagger Attack?

Cloak and Dagger attack is all about hacking Android devices. Using this method, hackers can take full control of someone’s Android device secretly without them knowing. The attack on the target Android device begins as soon as a new malicious app is installed on the Android phone, which then takes over full control over the device.

The Cloak and Dagger attack work effectively only if a couple of permissions have been granted at the time of installing the malicious app from the Google Play Store. The target person won’t be able to notice any suspicious activity by the malicious app on their phone unless they are aware of it being installed.

Hack Phone Remotely the Right Way

Gaining access to someone’s camera using another phone is not a fairytale as unusual as it sounds. All you need is a spy like Highster Mobile to get started. When this is done, you will be able to get images of the target’s environment. Also, you will be able to remotely record videos on their phones without them ever finding out.

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