Penetration Testing

We gather information discreetly, gathering evidence and research in regards to your complaint.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Internet is our domain, we find, investigate and track people or system who poses as threat to you.

Funds Recovery

In partnership with over 700+ financial instituition worldwide, we follow paper trail and recover what has been stolen.

Our Approach

Through system forensics and tracking, we make the world better.


Without stopping for a moment we give you best technology experience with our expertise to stopping theft and preventing damages.


Understanding the situation and discussion with clients for details regarding the situation.

Findings / Reports

Detailed reports on investigation findings and instructions to follow.


Clients are given process and approach, with permission to proceed..

Recovery / Results

We carry out our operations and get what has been stolen or hidden from you to light.

Our Privacy Policy

You Can Protect Your Organization’s Cybersecurity By Us

Identifying Threats

We identity cyber threats and mallicious attempts

Cyber Risk Assessment

A team of cyber risks managements professionals.

Testing Cyber Security

We prevent future attacks from exposing your data.

Managing Cloud Security

Your information are privacy protected by CTS

Cybersecurity Services

You Can Protect Your Organization’s Cybersecurity By Services Us

Phone remote access

Creating a backdoor into phones in order to access and monitor activities

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Social media access.

Gain access, recover or retrieve social media or email accounts from hackers.

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Debt clearance

Clear your debt from your local bank account without trace or paper trail.

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Credit score upgrade

Upgrade your credit score to access and enjoy the full benefits of your bank.

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